Season 22/23 (translated with DeepL-Translate)

Broken collarbone

At the end of November, I broke my collarbone in a fall, so I was out for four weeks. Shortly after Christmas, I was finally able to get back on the ice and slowly start training. In a short time, I had little to no pain anymore, which is why participation in the European Championships seemed possible. In only four weeks I had to prepare for the European Championships. The time was very intensive and I went to my limits.

Warsaw Cup

Ten days after France I went on to Warsaw to my third Challenge Series competition of this season.
With 26 runners the field was quite big and with strong competition.
The goal was to make it to the podium to get into the best group for the European Championships (thanks to the World Ranking points I gained).
 With an almost flawless short program and a new personal best of ten points more I was able to place myself on the 2nd place.
For the first time this season I didn't have to catch up from behind, but defend my position.
The pressure was therefore higher, but I was still able to stay focused and deliver a strong free skate.
With a new personal best of over 253 points (an improvement of almost 15 points), I won the bronze medal and thus the second medal at the Challenger Series competitions this season.

Grand Prix de France

Less than 48h after arriving in Munich from Canada, I went on to France for my 2nd Grand Prix.
After a short recovery time and three trainings later I was back on the train on my way to Angers, where I had the honor to represent Switzerland at another of the six Grand Prix.
I already had three competitions within four weeks in my legs and in my head, which was quite a preload, but I still felt relatively fit.
In the short program I could improve my season best, even if not yet flawless and on the point level, which was the goal.
The 11 other skaters skated almost flawlessly, which is why it was only enough for the 9th intermediate place.
For the free skate I had to gather all my energy and power again, because the speed and energy had been missing in the morning training.
In the early evening I was not yet 100% fit, but I was still able to deliver a strong performance in the free skate and finished in 7th place.
The goal was a bit higher, but nevertheless the result is satisfying. Again I could collect important points for the World Ranking.
The last five weeks were characterized by a lot of traveling and intensive competitions (two of them Grand Prix).
I was able to gain a lot of experience and I am looking forward to the next competitions.
The next competition is in Warsaw in ten days and until then I will analyze the performances of the last weeks, adjust a few things and prepare for Warsaw again.

Grand Prix Skate Canada

I continued with my first Grand Prix.
Grand Prix is after the international championships the highest competition level, where you can participate only with invitation of the organizer and ISU. For this, various criteria have to be fulfilled in order to even get on the list of possible participants.
As one of the 12 skaters, I had the honor to represent Switzerland in Canada.
After a long journey, with an emergency landing in Montreal, due to a medical incident and a following training day, the short program was on Friday. However, this did not go as desired. I had to accept two major mistakes, but I was not the only one. Many skaters had difficulties on this Friday evening, which is why I still managed to finish in 8th place.
The goal was to finish at least in the top 8 to gain World Ranking points, so I had to defend my rank or fight my way up.
With a good free skate, which was nevertheless not completely free of mistakes, I could run on the 6th place and establish myself in the front half.
I am quite satisfied with a 6th place at my first Grand Prix, even though there is still a lot of potential up there.

Silver in Budapest

Only three days after Finland I went to Budapest for the next race of the Challenger Series.
I was able to recover relatively well after last week and was also confident that I could improve again in Budapest.
This was also the goal for the competition, since there is still enough potential for improvement, especially in the short program.
I managed to improve in the short program, even if not quite as well as I would have liked. I had a fall on the quadruple jump, which cost me a lot of points. Nevertheless, with an otherwise strong program, I skated six points more than the week before and was able to place myself in a good 5th place.
Before the free skate, I already had thoughts of a medal, but I didn't know if this was realistic, since I'm not 100% in top form yet.
But it doesn't always take top form to show top performances.
With an almost flawless free skate, two quadruple jumps, all levels at the maximum and a new personal best of 239 points, I fought my way to 2nd place. As in Finland, I achieved the best technical points of the competition and secured with the silver medal, my first medal in the Challenger Series and additionally important points for the World Ranking.
The first two competitions of the season were very successful with a 5th and 2nd place at the Challenger Series competitions and gives me a lot of energy and motivation for the rest of the season.
Now it's back to the preparations for the Grand Prix in Canada which will take place at the end of October.

Start of the season

Finally it started again. After about seven months off from competitions, the new season finally started again.
My season preparation during the last months was intensive and I could work a lot on new difficulties. I rehearsed two new programs in spring, which were refined and worked out with the choreographers in summer.
This week my season started with the Finlandia Trophy in Espoo, Finland, which is also the main rehearsal for the upcoming European Championships, which will also take place in Espoo.
The goals were defined, among other things at least in the Top8 to collect important World Ranking points.
Two new programs at the first competition always means a lot of new experiences and feedback to collect, to analyze the performance, points and feedbacks and to make possible adjustments.
In the short program, unfortunately, I could not reach my potential. I made two big mistakes on my jumps, which cost me a lot of points. One fall on my quadruple jump and another fall on the triple Axel. But I got the maximum levels for all pirouettes and steps, which was important for the technical points. In the B-grade I improved as well, but there is still room for improvement in both areas.
With a 10th intermediate place, I needed to catch up again, because at least into the top 8 was the goal.
In the free skate, I was able to correct the mistakes from the day before and skated a strong program. Two very good 4-fold jumps, hardly any mistakes, everything with the maximum of levels and a strong B-grade, earned me many points. With a new personal best in the free skate and in addition the technically best free skate of all, I could still fight my way up to 5th place. Unfortunately, it was not enough for a podium place after the botched short program, despite the strong free skate.
Nevertheless, there is still some potential in the second program, which I hope I can show next week at the competition in Budapest.
The start of the season with the 5th place has been good on the whole and I am highly motivated for the next competitions.

Season 21/22

At the beginning of October my first competition of the season took place. At the Finlandia Trophy in Espoo, 26 world-class skaters from 17 countries took part. For many of them it was the first competition of the Olympic season, so it was for me.
With 65 points, I could only place 15th after the short program.
With a good free skate, which still has a lot of room for improvement, I was able to make up 7 places and move up to 8th place.
Thanks to the 8th place, I can still take important world ranking points with me.

Olympic test competition in Beijing
One week after the Finlandia Trophy, I traveled directly from Helsinki to Beijing, China.
As a test run for the Olympic Winter Games 2022, this year's "Asian Open" took place, where I had my second competition. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't show a flawless short program, after I missed my combination. Nevertheless I could place with 69 points on the 6th intermediate rank.
In the free skate, I had to catch up again, because I wanted to be in the top 5 to take important World Ranking points with me.
And I succeeded with the 3rd best free skate. However, the gap after the short program was too big, even if it was close, to make it to the podium. 
Nevertheless, with the 5th place, I can take further points and a new season's best with 217 points.

Season 2020/21

After two months of ice practice break due to the Corona crisis, I was finally able to travel to Oberstdorf again and go back on the ice.
In addition to the ice training, I also started the sportmilitary in April, which lasts until August.
With seven weeks of trainingcamps during summer and three more weeks of intensive training, I have prepared  myself for the season.
The first competition took place at the end of September, the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf.
For the first time I landed a quad jump in a competition!
With a new personal best of over 210 points, I was able to place myself in 8th place despite three falls and I only missed the podium by eight points.
In both programs I got the points I needed to qualify for the World Championships.
There is still a lot of potential in both programs and a few more points to be made.

Season 2019/20

Due to the corona crisis, the Worldchampionships in Montreal was canceled. So my season ended earlier than planned.
Seasons Best in Den Hague

Four weeks after the European Championship, I traveled to The Hague for my next competition.
A good field of participants was waiting for me, including Shoma Uno, silver medalist at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang and 19 other international competitors.
In the short program I showed a strong program and was able to place on the 6th intermediate rank despite a fall.
In the free skate I fought my way up to 4th place with another good program and a seasons best.
With 201.98 points I reached the 200 point mark again.
European Championships
At the European Championships 2020 in January I successfully qualified for the final with my short program and achieved my minimum goal with the 22nd intermediate rank. In the free skate I fought my way up to 19th place and ended as one of the top 20 in Europe.
Swiss Championships
At the beginning of December I again defended the Swiss championship title with 20 points.
Ranking Points
In November I started in the ISU Challenger series in Warsaw.
With a good short program, I finished 8th among 25 international competitors. Unfortunately I was not able to successfully show all my technical difficulties in the free program, but I still fought my way up two places and classified myself in good 6th place. So I secured further points for the world rankings.
6th place in Riga
A week earlier I flew to another competition in Riga. With a good short program, I placed on the 4th intermediate rank and was in good shape for the free program. Unfortunately the free skate did not go as expected and I had to accept some technical mistakes. It was enough for me to finish 6th, but I was only able to partially achieve my goals for this competition.
Season Start with bronze medal
Due to an ankle injury and a subsequent 6-week break from training, I clearly had a training deficit at the start of the season. Nevertheless, I was in relatively good shape and started the first international competition in Zagreb at the end of October. I won the bronze medal right at the beginning of the season.