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Figure Skater of Switzerland

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For more than 18 years I'm skating on the ice. Starting at the age of 6 in a children's group course, followed by the first training sessions with my coach up to my current 23 training hours per week on and off the ice. Today I am an Olympionic, bronze medalist at EC, Swiss champion, member of the Swiss elite national team and representative of Switzerland at international championships.

Season 2023/24

5th European Championships
3rd NHK Trophy
1st Warsaw Cup
4th Grand Prix de France
2nd  Budapest Trophy
4th Finlandia Trophy

Competition Schedule:
World Championships 18.03.-24.03.24


Winter Olympic Games 2026


3rd at the European championships
23 by the Winter Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing

15th at the World Championships
National Champion 2021

9 more medals at the Swiss Championships and
11 medals at international competitions

my team

Coach: Michael Huth, Robert Dierking and Alexei Pospelov
Choreographers: Andrea Vaturi, Adam Solya and Michael Huth
Physio and Off-Ice Coach: Stephan Schmocker and Seppi Neuhauser
and of course my family, without all this would not be possible.


Season 23/24

2nd place Budapest Trophy

After the season opener last week in Finland, I went on to Budapest three days later for my second competition.
With a short regeneration break and four trainings in Oberstdorf, I traveled to Hungary on Wednesday.
The short program was a bit better than in Finland, but still not satisfying. There are still a few construction sites to work on in the next days and weeks. Nevertheless it was enough for the 4th intermediate rank.
The goal was definitely a place on the podium and for that I needed a strong free skate. Although I caught a cold the night of the free skate and was not 100% fit, I managed a good performance. With only 3 points below my personal best in the free skate and also the best free skate of today, I was able to improve to 2nd place overall.
There is still potential to go up, but overall a good start to the season.

4th place at the Finlandia Trophy

The new season officially started for me this week. In Espoo, Finland, I just had my season opener at this year's Finlandia Trophy.
With two new programs and a good season preparation during the summer and the last weeks, I was ready for the season. For this time of the year, I am in a very good shape compared to the last years. Supported by a great anticipation for the competitions and a lot of motivation and energy that I take from the last season.

Unfortunately, however, I pinched a nerve in my back during the second on-site training, which changed the whole situation a bit. Only with pain medication and physiotherapy was it possible for me to run my short program at all. This was accordingly not as good as I had hoped and I had to be satisfied with the 6th intermediate place.
Fortunately, the pain subsided during the night and the following day and I was able to concentrate on the free skate to some extent.
Not without mistakes, but still a good performance considering the relatively early point in the season, I was able to improve to 4th place.

Season 22/23

8th place at the World Championships

The season ended with the World Championships in Saitama, Japan. In good shape and mentally ready for the competition, I traveled to Japan. Two months earlier, I won the bronze medal at the European Championships, which gave me a lot of energy and self-confidence to show another top performance at the World Championships. With a strong short program, I managed to enter the final with a 9th intermediate place, which I improved to 8th place with a strong free skate and a new personal best. Thus, I succeeded as the second best European a top-10 placement and another highlight of this very successful season!

Bronze at the European Championships

With a short preparation time I went to the European Championships at the end of January. The goal was to run in the top 10. With a fall in the short program, but strong remaining elements I could position myself on the 5th intermediate place.
The free skate was almost flawless and with a new PB in the free skate I was able to run into third place.
Since more than 11 years I was the first Swiss to win a medal at the European Championships.

Broken collarbone

At the end of November I broke my collarbone in a fall, ...


SH Nachrichten, 24. Januar 2020

Britschgi zeigt soliden Auftritt an der Eiskunstlauf-EM

Saisonbestleistung für den Schaffhauser Eiskunstläufer Lukas Britschgi: In Graz konnte der 21-jährige bei der Europameisterschaft um 12 Plätze verbessern.


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