Lukas Britschgi

end of the season
preparations for the upcoming season are currently in full swing

Welcome to my Website

For more than 14 years, I'm already skating on the ice. Starting at the age of 7 in a children's group course, followed by the first training sessions with my coach up to my current 20 training hours per week on and off the ice. Today I am Swiss champion, member of the Swiss elite national team and represent Switzerland at international championships.


Season 2018/19
 Finals at the World Championships 2019

Career goal
Olympic Winter Games 2022 Beijing


Participants in the World and European Championships, 
Swiss champion 2019,
6 more medals at the Swiss Championships and
4 medals in international competitions

my team

Coach: Alexei Pospelov and Michael Huth
Choreographers: Rostislav Sinicyn and Florian Roost
Physio and Off-Ice Coach: Stephan Schmocker
Dance lessons: Dance Stop Center SH
and of course my family, without all this would not be possible.


SHN 19.03.19

Lukas Britschgi feiert seine Premiere bei der Weltmeisterschaft

Der Schaffhauser Lukas Britschgi feiert bei den Welttitelkämpfen im Eiskunstlauf seine Premiere für das Schweizer Team. Der 21-jährige hat ambitionierte Ziele.


It takes a lot on the way to the top of the world. On the one hand a lot of motivation, perseverance and hard training.
On the other hand, also financial medium.
That's why I depend on you to help me achieve my sporting goals
Be a part of my team!